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Date Published - 2013-11-30 Author - Yasmin Parry

Troll Beads Sale

Welcome to the fabulous world of Trollbeads - an extraordinary universe of colours, creativity, and play.

Trollbeads (Danish: Troldekugler) is a Danish jewellery company with a worldwide distribution of its original jewellery concept. Since 1976 the company has designed, produced and distributed small "charms" to be worn on a bracelet or necklace, either separately or in combinations of multiple beads. Before 2001, the Trollbeads collection consisted exclusively of silver and gold charms, but the concept has since been expanded to include rings and earrings.

In 1936 Sven Nielsen opened his own business making jewellery. He was one of the first goldsmiths in Denmark to adopt the American technique of Centrifugal Casting. It was with this technique that the first bead was created. Each Trollbead has its own history taking inspiration from a diverse range of topics such as mythology, fairy tales, astrology, fauna , flora and many more. The beads today are made from a wide range of materials, silver, gold, pearls, gem stones and Murano glass.

The story about the original and unique Trollbeads all started in Denmark in 1976. The first bead, which later gave name to the Trollbeads collection, was a small bead decorated with no less than 6 faces of Trolls(hence the name Trollbeads) It was designed by Søren Nielsen and sold from his father Svend's jewellery shop in central Copenhagen. The Trollbeads were created at a time when it was fashionable to have a silver bead hanging on a leather thong around the neck. Instead of letting the bead hang in an eyelet, Søren wanted to let the leather cord go through the bead. Later on, Søren's sister, Lise, began to put the beads on silver bracelets, one on each bracelet. In 1997 Lise opened her own jewellery store and launched Trollbeads as a collection of individually designed jewellery.

The idea behind the Trollbeads is that one may pick and choose one’s own beads and build your own piece of jewellery to your own liking and so tell your own story. There are many different collections to choose from with many interchangeable Trollbeads. Some of these collections include Chakra beads . these are made from glass with a streak of gold through them. They make a lovely gift for someone (or even yourself!) who is perhaps in need of love or going through a difficult period.

Some of the other collections are:
Zodiac TrollbeadsZodiac Beads: The Trollbeads Zodiac collection uses the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac. These are made from silver and are quite lovely
Alphabet Beads: This range is in silver or gold and is a favourite with many people. One could just have one letter or you could build an entire name on a bracelet or necklace, your choice.z-trollbead

There are also Personalised Charm Beads available These are made from gold or silver and one can have a short message or date engraved on it.

Let us not forget the gentlemen! Trollbeads have also designed a range with men in mind. These Trollbeads come with leather for either a bracelet or necklace.

Date Published - 2013-11-30 Author - Yasmin Parry


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